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Education and Tours

Chocolate Timeline, Clubs & Schools, Casual Tastings

Chocolate Timeline

Provides an opportunity for visitors to learn about the rich history of chocolate from its origins in the Americas to its European industrialisation.

Information panels have been positioned throughout the extensive gardens in chronological order. You will recognise many of the famous names and learn how they made chocolate the universally adored product that it is today.

Clubs & Schools

Our chocolatier is available to engage with groups to educate and encourage appreciation of chocolate.

Short casual fun sessions with tastings or more serious structured talks are conducted.

You will need to let us know when you are coming, so discuss your requirements when you book.

Casual Tastings

When time permits patrons are offered tastings of our working chocolate range. Our staff will advise on the correct way to taste and enjoy quality chocolate.

Tastings will include some popular traditional pairings that may surprise!

We loved the “Chocolate Timeline”. Our large group spent over an hour in the gardens. We learnt so much and it took our chocolate appreciation to another level.

Amanda Catchpole
Leeds UK

Denmark Chocolate Company

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