Welcome to the Denmark Chocolate Company's Licensed Chocolate Lounge

Handmade Chocolates and much more

Our Chocolatiers strive

to bring you many traditional favourites as well as some unusual cutting edge flavours to tease your palate. Make your chocolate choice then select a pairing from our extensive range of liqueurs, ports and unusual beers.

Our innovative Hot Chocolates are legendary and made using the finest European couverture chocolate. We suggest some “boozy” inclusions from our liqueur range, to create a memorable tasting experience.

Our interesting displays carry a range of chocolate sauces, chocolate bars and gift items ideal for presents and mementos.

Please note that during extreme peak periods we may limit our service to the sale of handmade chocolates, hot chocolates, wines, beers and liqueurs. Our normal coffee service will not be available during these peak times.

We age premium Muscat and Tokay in oak casks for you to enjoy. Spend an hour letting the finest chocolate melt on your tongue as you sip on these intense yet silky fortified wines.

“Simply stunning gardens. We enjoyed our hot chocolates on the veranda and then spend an hour walking the Chocolate Time Line”

-Trudi Bachtold, Switzerland

Denmark Chocolate Company

2023 S Coast Hwy, Ocean Beach 6333, Western Australia